In Honor of Wallis and Witcher

   Commander & President

Commanders Corner
At the meeting in June there was some items that were voted on that some will take as bad news and others good news. First of all, this will be the last paper edition of the newsletter. It will be available online on our website We will also have a few printed copies at the Post. 
After I do not have any idea of how long, due to the price of meat, we will be raising the price of our steak dinners to $19.50. We will be staying with the same size and type of steak however.
Now for the good part. 4th of July will be celebrated on the 3rd starting at 1 pm. We will have hot dogs, hamburgers, picnic sides and watermelon. Bounce house and water slide till 7 pm and fireworks at dark thirty (about 9). Everyone come and enjoy their selves.
Because of all the letters, notes, and phone calls of support that I received there will once again be jokes with the newsletter. It will be a separate page with a warning not to open if offended easily. You can look for that when we go online.
While you are here at the Post, look around at the appearance of the Garden and Post grounds. There are 2 people that I wish to publicly thank for the efforts that they put into them. Jay Dietz and Gary Randall. Without them I would not look near as good in my job. Give them a well deserved pat on the back when you see them.
For those of you that did not hear, during the State Convention WE got recognized for being over 100% membership and attaining the level of All-State Post. Congratulations to all since it is everyone’s effort that WE did this. Thank you.
Al Butler – Commander

President’s Corner
Hello everyone. I am doing better. The doctor added to my treatment so we will see how it goes. I wish to thank everyone for their thoughts and prayers. And the Auxiliary for the beautiful plant.
I was unable to be at the meeting Saturday, but I understand there are a few who expressed interest in helping with burgers. Thank you for that. Hopefully, we can work through this.
I also understand the Post is planning fireworks for the 3rd of July. They will be serving burgers and dogs. They request the Auxiliary to provide side dishes.
I also was made aware this will be the last newsletter to be mailed. Starting with the August newsletter, it will be posted on the Post web site.
Our next meeting will be July 17th. Hope to see you there. I will certainly try to be there.
Norma Hill